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BLUNT HEMPARILLO™ (Different flavors)

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Natural or flavored Blunts, made from hemp without nicotine or tobacco. Each pack contains 4 units in packaging with ZipLock closure, so that the second blunt always stays fresh without drying out.

Blunts Purple Haze, rolling paper in pure American style, available in natural flavor or flavored with different fruits.

They do not contain nicotine or tobacco to offer a complete and unique experience. They are made from 100% natural hemp. The Purple Haze Blunts measure 105mm long, each pack contains 4 units and a very practical ZipLock system that will allow you to keep them perfectly fresh, without taking the risk.


  • Hemparillo™ Brand
  • Flavor: Purple Haze
  • No nicotine or tobacco
  • 100% pure natural hemp
  • Dimensions: 115mm

Content of the shipment

  • 4x Blunt Hemparillo™ Purple Haze Leaves (115mm)